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URGENT: today in Russia, a terrible bill passed in the Russian parliament’s lower house that censors all things considered “gay”. It’s our local partners’ worst nightmare and we need your help. 

This vote comes off the back of two brutal anti-gay murders in Russia, and the trial of a major LGBT rights organisation today.

Tell world leaders to STOP the crackdown, add your name:


This really is happening, and it’s scary as hell.

Update June 12: the situation is worsening. Russia has just passed a new anti-gay law makes it illegal even to say the word “gay”.  People in Russia standing up against the crackdown are urging All Out members to keep growing the petition to help draw the attention of world leaders and the media.”

spread this like the plague 

Matt Smith is Sexy: JENNA FANS LISTEN UP.


As i’m sure many of you saw, yesterday a new photoshoot of Jenna was posted and many edits were created from them. The photographer has been in contact with me and requested that they all be deleted. it is not a scam or a hoax, i’ve seen her website and believe everything is legit. The website is…

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OMG, so my friend told me that apparently they’re releasing a few of the Classic Who episodes in animated form? How cool would that be?


Happy Birthday Colin Baker!

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